1.Difficulty of raw materials.

Before the Spring Festival, nearlly all factories kept low raw material inventory.According to the feedback of enterprises in Shandong, Henan and Tianjin, generally large enterprises’ raw material storage exists for about 30 days, while small and medium-sized enterprises maintain it at 15-20 days, and some only have around 10 days.The supply of raw materials was expected to be easy after the Spring Festival, epidemic situation broke all.

A textile company in Dezhou, east Shandong province, plans to resume production in late February, the company’s chief executive said, most worried issue is raw material failed .At present the local logistics is not smooth, when the purchased of resources arrive the factory is not yet sure.And some companies that have resumed production solve the problem by putting all sorts of related material together.

Many enterprise bosses believe that the orderly promotion of enterprises by stages and batches of comprehensive resumption of production is a good intention, from the law of epidemic prevention and control, is also completely correct.However, this has also brought problem of incomplete industrial chain and poor connection between upstream and downstream supplies.Companies want the problem can be resolved as soon as possible.

2.Difficulty of Employee.

On February 20, the boss of a textile enterprise in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, said when he communicated with the author by WeChat that his factory planned to resume work on February 26, but the workers outside this city did not return to the factory.The city’s workers accounted at most for 60% of the total, remaining 40 percent of workers can return to the factory at the end of the epidemic.
Workers will not all be on duty, and business production rates will fall sharply.The boss said that after the official resumption of work can only maintain about 50 percent of capacity then.

At present, in front of all enterprises, one of the most intractable problems is problem of employees, the low rate of employees to the enterprise will be like taking away the firewood under a cooking pot.

For enterprises, the greater the proportion of nonnative employees, the greater the impact, the more difficult it is to resume production.Therefore, textile enterprises expect the epidemic situation to be fully controlled as soon as possible, and all workers can return to work as soon as possible too.

3.Difficulty of logistics.

For the production enterprise, the difficulty is a little less.And for logistics enterprises, the difficulty is very great.
Workers in logistics enterprises running from place to place, from different places to different places, contact with many more various people, which makes dificulty greater for the epidemic prevention and control.Therefore, most employees in many logistics enterprises, especially large companies have not returned to work.

Many textile enterprises, traders in a few areas responded on the national and provincial trunk roads, highways, situations like checking the drivers/passengers’ temperature, or persuading to return to original places still exists.It is expected that the full launch of logistics may be after march.

On the one hand is the enterprise anxious to resume work mood, on the other hand is the reality of the difficulties in epidemic prevention, what will those enterprise get? For now, waiting only. First, waiting for the complete victory of the epidemic prevention and control;The second is waiting for the industrial chain to recover as fast as possible, enterprises can renew normal production.

One more thing to say, difficulties are temporary, after the rain will be a sunny day.